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According to the World Health Organization, the broader concept of health denotes complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of illness or disability. The modern way of life, work and social activity creates new data for today's people. Thus, quality of life, good living, positive attitude, are concepts that are taking on new dimensions today.

♦ Physical wellbeing is about assessing one's health and examines morbidity, pain, and level of physical function.
♦ Mental well-being is a study of a person's psychosocial adaptability with scales regarding self-esteem, well-being, overall satisfaction, but also anxiety, depression, and adaptability.
♦ Social well-being reflects the degree of overall satisfaction with one's life, participation in social activities, social roles, interpersonal relationships, close social support (friends - family).




It goes without saying that health is the most fundamental value of human life, and without it, both the subjective and the objective conditions for quality of life are undermined. Physical activity exercises and energizes the body, shielding health and balance against inactive and stressful daily life. Stress has very significant effects and is really a factor that seems to be detrimental to people's health. Psychological stress or stress includes the negative cognitive and emotional states that arise when a person feels that the demands placed on him or her exceed the ability to cope.

Many researchers have argued that regular and coordinated participation in any motor activity reduces the risk of chronic illness and enhances the quality of life.